Weilfund Sealing&packing Co.,ltd

Weilfund Sealing&packing Co.,ltd Weilfund Sealing&packing Co.,ltd
Having been founded in 1995, Weilfund Seals has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of various kinds of sealing and insulating materials. With our state-of-art machines and experienced stuffs, we can actually provide with a comprehensive rang of products, the main products as follows:

1 PTFE(Teflon) Semi-Products: pure expanded PTFE joint sealant tape; pure expanded PTFE seal cord; pure expanded PTFE filler for spiral wound gasket; PTFE sheet(skived or molded) , PTFE rod/bar, PTFE tube/pipe, PTFE tape, PTFE filament yarn for braided packing etc.

2 Fiberglass Products: texturized fiberglass yarn, texturized fiberglass cloth/tape/rope, fiberglass cloth with Al foil laminated, fiberglass cloth with silicone rubber coated, fiberglass mesh, etc.

3 Fiber Braided Gland Packing: pure PTFE braided packing; PTFE braided packing with graphite, expanded graphite braided packing; Kevlar fiber braided packing; PTFE asbestos braided packing; PTFE ramie braided packing, fiberglass braided packing etc.

4 Rubber Sheet/Mat: natural rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet, nitrile rubber sheet(NBR) , neoprene/chloroprene rubber sheet, SBR sheet, butyl rubber sheet, silicone rubber sheet, Viton/fluoroelastomer rubber sheet, rubber sheet with cloth inserted, anti-slip mats, body-building mats and cow or horse mats etc.

5 Ceramic fiber Products: Ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber cloth/rope/tape etc.

6 Gaskets: made from rubber, plastic, metal, graphite, natural fiber, synthetic fiber etc.

Please don't hesitate to write to me for more detailed information if you are interested in any of our products or tell me what else you are looking for not listed above. Your any enquiries and needs would receive my prompt and careful attention.
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